Terms and Conditions!

SOS Bicycle Rental Info

  • Hourly rate; $25 an hour for 2 hours max
  • Daily rate (up to 24 hours); $70
  • 2 day rate (up to 48 hours); $140
  • 3 day rate (up to 72 hours); $200
  • 4 day rate; $250
  • 5 day rate; $300
  • 6 day rate; $350
  • 1 week rate; $400

Normal business hours are 9am-5pm Monday through Friday (exceptions for holidays and special events).

Rentals need to be picked up no later than 1 hour before business hours end.

Weekend hours are 10am- 3pm (exceptions for holidays and special events).

Scheduled delivery and pickup for hourly rentals will utilize designated drop points including Indian School Park (4289 N. Hayden Road), Chaparral Park (5401 N. Hayden Road), Albertsons Plaza (6929 N. Hayden Road), and Mountain View Park (8625 E. Mountain View Road).

Scheduled delivery and pickup for daily plus rentals are within the City of Scottsdale City limits and Arcadia neighborhood.  

Rescue for mechanical issues are during normal business hours and include repair or bicycle exchange.  Rescue is not always available.

Rates are not affected by weather.

  • Rental fees are collected at the time of reservation.  
  • Late fees are the hourly rate of $25 unless the schedule change is agreed upon.
  • Cancellation under 48 hour notice is the hourly rate of $25 per bicycle