Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions. If you think of any questions that are not listed, please contact me.

Rental Hours

What are the rental hours?

Rental hours are between 9am-4pm Monday through Friday. Weekend hours are 10am- 2pm (exceptions for holidays and special events). Specific availability is shown in the rental calendar.

Scheduled Delivery

Where do we pick up the bikes?

Scheduled delivery and pickup for hourly rentals will utilize designated drop points including Indian School Park (4289 N. Hayden Road), Chaparral Park (5401 N. Hayden Road), Albertsons Plaza (6929 N. Hayden Road), and Mountain View Park (8625 E. Mountain View Road).  See the About Us page for more details.

What happens when I have a mechanical issue?

Rescue for mechanical issues due to normal wear and tear is only available during rental hours and includes basic repairs or bicycle exchanges, if necessary. Rescue is not always available.

How old do I have to be to rent?

You must be 18 years old with a valid photo ID and credit card to rent our bikes. Families with children may rent for their dependent children. All riders must agree to the rental agreement and terms and conditions by signing an electronic waiver which will be sent upon booking your reservation.

What is the cancellation policy?

Canceling within 48 hours of the hourly booking time will result in a $25 per bicycle fee. Daily rentals cancelled within 48 hours will result in a $70 cancelation fee.

What is included with each bike?

All the bicycles are professionally maintained and cleaned prior to delivery and are equipped with a basket/rack, koozie, cell phone holder, lock, bell, helmet, and light system.

What happens if it rains?

Rentals are rain or shine. No refunds will be given. 

Is there a deposit?

We do not collect a deposit. Your credit card will be charged the full amount upon booking.

Is there a late fee?

Late fees are the hourly rate of $25 unless the schedule change is agreed upon.  I can be flexible, but you must contact me first.

What size hybrid bike do I need?

The hybrids use this sizing chart

4’10" - 5'1"


5'0" - 5'6"


5'4" - 5'10"


5'8" - 6'2"


6'1" - 6'6"


What size cruiser do I need?

The cruiser sizes are more flexible due to the frame geometry. The large fat tire cruisers with hanging handlebars are more comfortable for people that are 5'6" and taller while the unisex cruiser with more traditional handlebars is comfortable for all sizes of people. The 3.0 wide ride cruisers are suitable for most people.

What is the difference between the 3.0 and the fat tire cruisers?

The fat tire cruisers have click shift seven speed shifters with 26"x4" tires and dual disc brakes. The 3.0 cruisers have a 26"x3" tires and only one rear disc brake. The Shimano shifting is a twist shift mechanism with seven speeds.

What are the rules of the road?

Cyclists on the road in Arizona have the same rights and responsibilities as the driver of an automobile. Lighting systems that are provided are required when riding at night. Cyclists must ride as far to the right to your destination as practicable unless making a left turn or avoiding a hazard. Please follow all traffic control devices including stop signs, signals, and any other signage.