About Us!

Welcome to Scottsdale
Old School Bicycle Rentals!

My name is Craig and I’m the owner and creator of Scottsdale Old School Bicycle Rentals.  I grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona and I’ve ridden thousands of miles in the city as a kid and an adult.  I'm a total bike geek and love riding and working on bikes. I'm also a child of the 1970's and 80's and have an undying love for the era. So, I decided to combine my passions into Scottsdale Old School Bicycle Rentals. Each bike has its own name and personality you may recognize from sports, music, or movies from the day. Meet Our Bikes, and pick out your own, so you can enjoy Scottsdale and Arcadia's bike paths, canals, and city streets in style.

Scottsdale Old School Bicycle Rentals works on a scheduled delivery and pickup model for daily+ rentals in the Scottsdale City limits and Arcadia neighborhood.  Hourly rentals utilize specific drop points that are convenient to the paths and canals.  All the bicycles are professionally maintained and cleaned prior to delivery and are equipped with a basket/rack, koozie, cell phone holder, lock, bell, helmet, and light system.  The cruisers and hybrids have a slightly different configuration based on their unique design.

Whether you’re looking to get some miles on our selection of hybrids or a casual ride on our cruisers, we have the coolest bicycles for you - Let’s ride, relax, and reminisce! 

Now, let’s meet the bicycles!
Craig Malley